This is the Admin Noticeboard.  Things requiring the attention of Administration should be noted here.  Please keep the following guidelines in mind, however:

  1. This is not the place to argue about edits.  Contact the user directly on his/her talk page.
  2. Requests to block a user must be backed up with proof.  A link to a page's history counts as valid proof.  We are unable to accept screenshots as valid proof since they can be easily edited.
  3. Hiding revisions must state the reason for the request.  Please see the Hiding Revisions article for more information.
  4. Since this wiki is contributed to by users, anyone is free to accept a project or create a new entry.  Do not request entries on this page.

To start a new request, please use one of the following templates:

{{blockreq}} - Starts a block request

{{hidereq}} - Starts a hide request

{{vandal}} - Starts a vandalism report

Other templates will be added at a later time.

Using TemplatesEdit

To start a request, simply add the appropriate template with required parameters to the end of this page.  As the Administrators handle the requests, they will be moved to the archives.

To use {{blockreq}}, include the following: {{blockreq|Name of user to block|Reason}}.  Both parameters are required.  Incomplete requests will be deleted without notice.

To use {{hidereq}}, include the following: {{hidereq|Page|Reason}}.  The page must be located within the main (Article) namespace.  Revisions of talk pages, templates, users, etc. cannot be hidden at this time.

To use {{vandal}}, include the following: {{vandal|User|Description}}.  User and Description are required.  The Description should be a short description of the events, with a longer explanation in the provided area.

Pending and In-Progress Reports and RequestsEdit

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